Daily Demolition Report: All Together Now

See how nice it is when so many folks pitch in? Braeswood throws out a pre-war 2-story, plus we get contributions from neighborhoods as diverse as Norhill and Knollwood Village.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 7302 Greenbriar St.: HAR

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  • Usually I don’t care too much about the structures being torn down, but wow, what a waste to tear down that lovely Greenbriar house.

  • Agreed, the one on Dickey is cute too. I wonder what they want to put up instead.

  • The Greenbriar house is on a 11,500 sq ft lot just a stones throw from the Med Center. I bet the new construction will be something modest, leaving most of the grounds for a beautiful garden.

  • If the past is any clue to the future I suspect that the Greenbriar house will be replaced by a 6,000 sq ft, faux Mediterranean monstrosity constructed of pressed sawdust and paper mache.

  • Betweeen bubba and Old school, I’d place my money on bubba, alas.

  • Air matresses, a pool table in the dining room, and a bedroom full of band gear? Guess the Dickey frat house is finally closing down…

  • I suspect Old School’s tongue and cheek have started a beautiful friendship with that post.

  • Thank you for pointing out that , despite the fear mongering of the my-rights-cancel out-your-rights crowd, houses in historic districts are still being torn down. ( See Norhill demo above)

  • Geez – Dickey’s Frat House with an asking price of $800M+, then you tear it down? The world is going mad.

  • Oh yeah, 7302 Greenbriar is nice – worn and grimy inside, but SO solid.
    I hope the developer will recover/recycle the bits: there must be lots of nice, old-growth boards in that house. Perhaps long-leaf pine and cypress, even.

  • I assume none of you folks have been to that house on Greenbriar. I have. It’s a complete dump. It’s is literally about to fall down. I didn’t even want to stand too close to it. The brick walls looked they could come crashing down any minute. On top of that, it’s very poorly situated on its triangular shaped lot. They must have either put the house in the wrong place, or it was built on a much larger lot and then pieces were sold off later.

  • …Dickey House in River Oaks area? 3-6-11 Brent Crude is $115.97/barrel. Here comes more ENRON-like architecture.

  • Re: tear downs ; whomever OWNS the property DECIDES what to do with said property. Not some of you so-called “preservationists”!! Some of you are land fascists: you are are buttinskis :as in you want to tell everyone else what to do with their property ,but when it comes to YOUR property no one shall dare to even suggest what you can do with your property. Granted I do not like some of the new construction. But some of the old structures were/are way past their usefulness and NEED to be torn down for SAFETY reasons,economic reasons,etc. A lot of the new builds are over sized,under built faux monstrosities but the property owner OWNS the land and it IS their choice.You may not like it.Until you buttinskis whip out YOUR checkbooks and BUY the property,I have some advice: MIND YOU OWN BUSINESS and shut the hell up !!! ALSO ,quite a few of the tear downs would be way too expensive to bring up to code and maintain their charm /character,etc. In quite a few cases it IS less expensive to start with all new construction!! I have lived in 2 old houses(the first was built in 1907 @ 6830 Spring Cypress Rd; the second near Rice University built in 1939. Both VERY charming,historic,quaint,etc. But a pain in the butt to maintain!!

  • My, my, looks like someone got on the web before his/her meds kicked in.

  • I doubt anyone would lament the loss of a 100 year-old grandpappy-built farmhouse out in the boonies on Spring Cypress, which surely didn’t exist when that house was built. Although given time, maybe an FSA photo enthusiast would have been interested in it.

  • Granted, it may be covered up with rant-expectorated froth and spittle, but I can’t find a single post telling the property owner what he/she “must do” with the Greenbriar location.

  • “Until you buttinskis whip out YOUR checkbooks and BUY the property,I have some advice: MIND YOU OWN BUSINESS and shut the hell up !!!”

    I will mind my own business and shut the hell up on the day they start enforcing the repeal of the 1st amendment with summary execution. Until then, I will say what I want when I want about any piece of private property I want. So nyah!

  • Agree with Benard on the Greenbriar house. My wife and I took a hard look at that property but it was too far gone. It is possible for a dwelling to reach the end of its useful life. Likely it will be torn down and something large and charmless will replace it. We ended up saving a house built in 1929 that likely would have been a tear down for any other buyer. These old homes are not for the faint of heart as lovely as they may be from 100 feet away.