Daily Demolition Report: Antiqued

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Do Mondays bring you down?


Commercial Structures


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  • All of the properties in 77022 are contiguous and owned by something called “Fusion General LLC”, which is based out of a condo in 2727 Kirby.

    Anybody know what’s going on with that?

  • 1700 Sunset is new construction. I’ve always known today’s residential structures wouldn’t last long, but I certainly didn’t expect their lifespans to be measured in the single digits.

  • @ Paul,

    I think it is for the foundations they poured but didn’t build on the right. A would be on the left, B right, etc.

  • Bennie Street is the very edge of a neighborhood, which butts up against light industrial uses facing IH 45, one of which is called Southern Stud Weld. “Fusion Inc.” turns up at 6911 Fulton, about 1 block away. I bet the owner of one or both companies lives at 2727 Kirby and is expanding SSW onto the adjacent lots. Given the location, I doubt the area’s deed-restricted. I’d like the story to be more interesting, but I suspect that’s what it is. :)

  • Forgot that Fusion on Fulton St. is also listed as a welding company. That makes the connection from them to SSW more obvious.

  • Sounds like an evil one percenter wanting to expand his biusines. He might even add a job or two in the process.

  • I figured, given the location, that it wasn’t going to be a six-story brick and stucco apartment building.

  • They are at full Demo at 1700 Sunset. Been at it all morning. I know the corner unit has been up for sale for awhile with not a lot of movement. I guess they figured the chances of selling four more condos was slim enough.

    I hope they don’t split the lot and let somebody else try.

  • Love the dark storm cloud brewing behind the house in the pic – appropriate symbol for its impending destruction.