Daily Demolition Report: Apartment Dropoff

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

More Tanglewood Courting, some Oxford buttoning-down, more broken studs. All in a day’s work.


Commercial Structures


Photo of Tanglewood Court Apartments: Rent.com

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  • I seen these have been coming down for a few weeks. Is Kinkaid building an annex campus?

  • I really don’t know why they bother building anything in Houston to last, it will all be torn down every thirty years when we hit a boom cycle–it’s amazing how perfectly good buildings are torn down on a whim and of course rarely is even a stir heard from our pathetically toothless “preservation” board–what a joke–I appreciate Houston’s ambition and forward thinking, however to have next to zero respect for your past is hardly forward thinking–If Houston continues to contconstantly reinvent itself one day it will look in the mirror and not know who’s staring back, but then again maybe that’s the point and what does that say about Houston

  • Those two Oxford properties are the two homes North and adjacent to the former Schauer Filling Station. Anyone know what’s going to be developed there?

  • Shannon you have really been harshing my mellow lately. Cheer up.

  • Actually Ian, it’s gotten to the point that when I see “Shannon” in the comments I just skip to the next one. Saves a bit of time.

  • Isn’t this where the new HEB is going in? Shannon, are you really bemoaning the loss of these ugly things? Was this place the final straw?

  • Well, Ian, frankly it’s a little depressing that the city I knew as kid is being completely blowed under, but I am sorry your yellow isn’t as mellow, try Mountain Dew

  • Lol, Lucy, stick to tucking the football for Charlie Brown, try commenting on the article not me, it’s more fun and really the point of swamplot not getting caught up in another commenter, trust me

  • Shannon why wouldn’t you want a new HEB grocery store with great new restaurants to try and the same number of apartments being built on the site? It was 18 Acres of two story apartments this is a much better use in the long term. Houston is turning into L.A. get on board or move to Austin….

  • y’all get off shannon’s back. The reason a lot of people like living in the high demand neighborhoods because of the character that older buildings bring to the area. If you tear all of them down whats left of the neighborhood but a bunch of generic looking shit. If i wanted a generic neighborhood i would have never left the suburbs after high school.

  • I lived in LA (well West Hollywood) so I’m familiar and I grew up in Houston and they’re very different cities, so I don’t get the comparison–and I went to UT, so I’m familiar with Austin and it’s not that different from Houston frankly in terms of growth–and please don’t tell me where I can live–I’m free white and over 21, I do what I damn please, dude

  • I agree with Shannon in part. Developers need to stop building junk in Houston. The 2008 market crash shows that Houston is no longer just an energy boomtown. Houston has diversified and is in it for the long haul. Houston deserves high quality development instead of pencil box apartments and strip malls. But, I do not shed a tear for the junky old 1970s garden style apartments. It is nice to see them repurposed to save materials, but the environmental benefits of more density over continued sprawl can certainly out weight the burdens of demolition.

  • The pic says it all; 18 acres of contiguous single-owner land in a $ area next to a high rise with semi-rundown apts on it = buh bye sooner or later.

    This current up wave is taking out a lot of these ratnests.

  • The complex to the south was converted to Townhomes by Don Ed many years ago. It is, arguably, in worse shape than the ones being torn down. I wonder what will happen to those?

    If they start tearing down the shopping center with Cliff’s and Ron’s (across the street), I will blow a gasket.


  • @paul–amen, sista;)

  • Oh C’mon!? Three Fountains was generic schlock when it was built–how many dozens of other complexes look or looked just like this? In forty years when the replacement apartments are bulldozed for a twenty story tower everyone will be crying in their soup about how charming the 5 story brick and stucco blocks were. Life and death people. It’s the circle of life.

  • @ Old School – I work nearby have been following the demo from my office. Trust me, every ounce of material in that building that had any salvage value was taken, bricks and all.

  • When I lived in there in 2010 Tanglewood Court was in pretty good shape.

  • What will be happening to HEB’s current location, just down the street, dues south on Westheimer? (Sorry if that’s already been reported here; I’ve not seen it).

  • @J.V.
    It will be closed.

  • The HEB on westheimer will be closed…It will be interesting to see what back fills that space. The new Tanglewood HEB will be just like the one at Bunkerhill…it’s the same developer.

  • I heard that treasures is going to move into the old HEB space. HeB gonna restrict the site against grocery, so who knows what will go there. Caint believe they closed mamma’s cafe. Damn shame. Can’t stop what’s coming.

  • What does it mean that HEB will restrict the old space against grocery? Under what authority? Are both spaces owned by the same landlord and they made a deal? Or is the city involved…?

  • As a condition to the sale, HEB will place restrictive covenants on the land which, among other uses, prohibits the use of the land as a grocery store for a period of years. They don’t want to sell to their competition – they are opening up a 500 billion dollar store about a half a mile away. Most likely users are lazer tag or dancehall IMHO. YMMV.