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  • This part of Spring Branch has seen the median listing price go up from ~$150k to ~$250k over the past two years. Listings all over SB get multiple cash offers on the first day; a $400k listing will get bid up well into half-mil territory by week’s end.

    If this ball keeps rolling, we could start to see the first teardowns north of Long Point before the end of the year. Decision, decisions… best to buy now, or sit tight and wait for the pop?

  • Bidding up $100K in SB? For what, 1960s tract homes? Just my amateur opinion but it sounds like the big end of a bubble to me, Rodrigo. I think the area has been unappreciated and ripe for a long time but bidding up is an emotional response and emotions are always temporary.
    However, the best time to buy has already gone, apparently. The true bargains are when there’s still poop in the pool.

  • Don’t have a pool to poop in, but I’m happy I got my Spring Branch home in Binglewood at $90K a few years ago. Now I watch in fear as Frank Liu builds out and my tax statement threatens to go up and up.

  • I don’t have a pool to poop in either Carol. Bought my SB home in 1990 @$40k and happy to be mortgage free