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  • I’m confused by these daily demo reports. Can someone elaborate on what the permits are usually for? I thought they were for tearing stuff down… but I noticed a vacant lot near my house show up on this a month ago. They now have a construction fence around it but not sure what there is to “demo”. The lot has been vacant for a long time. Do these also mean something might be built soon?

  • @Brian
    I’ve wondered what’s going on with the permit office for some time. Usually, the demo permits are issued in advance of the actual work but I’ve been noticing that for several months (at least), the issue dates are not jiving with the demo.

    There’s a vacant lot near me where the same thing happened. It’s been vacant long enough for the grass to be completely grown over then the demo permit shows up a month or so ago. If the permit folks can get *some* of the permits posted online in a timely manner, then why not ALL of them?

    Is there a “demo gremlin” doing the dirty deed in the dark?