Daily Demolition Report: Banning Destruction for Now

827 W. 17th St., Houston Heights

A little light cleanup for the weekend, detailed here:


Community Structures


Photo of 827 W. 17th St.: HAR

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  • The demolition permit for the Spanish Heights Church must have still had wet ink on it when the building started coming down. Just yesterday it was already half demolished.

  • That poor little house on 17th looks terrified, with two big honkin’ monsterhouses hovering over it.. Its as if they were going to eat it alive. Ah, progress …

  • Yup! That’s the church I was talking about that is being demo’d.

  • This is an awesome photo:
    The contrast between yesteryear’s single-family home and today’s …

  • Those Super Shotguns on each side are hideous.