Daily Demolition Report: Bash Two More Places

4803 Jason St., Houston

After a few days of insufficient progress, we’re back to a healthy demo pace. Catch up on the rising action with our handy address list!


Commercial Structures


Photo of 4803 Jason St.: HAR

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  • You might want to double check on the Mobil Station on Memorial. It was taken down last year, and the Wachovia Bank that was built in it’s place is about ready for opening.

  • Hey, good catch! The city permit report refers to the owner/occupant simply as “Mobile.” Maybe it’s meant to refer to a mobile construction trailer?

  • Ooh, I love a challenge. Since I live at the “soon to be redeveloped” Archstone Memorial Heights, I took a quick run down by the location in question. The construction trailer has been removed, and I don’t know what they would be demoing.

    Here’s a link to a couple of pics of the “not quite a demolition” site in my photo album.

  • Michael: Here’s the full permit info:

    Project #:08021087
    Fee: 70.00
    Buyer: TOM JOHNSON
    Buyer’s Address: 6901 RATON 77255
    Buyer’s Phone: 713 827 454
    Owner/Occupant: MOBILE
    Job Address: 5606 MEMORIAL DR 77007
    Zone: 16
    Occ Group: 2 M B
    Permit: SD
    FCC Group: 235B D

    Yeah, there’s a digit missing from the phone #. Thanks for the photos. And if you get any more news on your apartments, send us a tip!

  • So sad to see building go down. Always amazed how fast.