Daily Demolition Report: Bayou Glen Bye

Clearing a patch of Patchester, space for Moon Tower Inn renovations, and more:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 5840 Bayou Glen Rd.: HAR

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  • another day, another Tanglewood teardown. I’m finding this to be a tradition.

    Someday when I’m old and gray, my grandson will ask why all of the houses in Tanglewood are so oversized for the lot size, and why they would build the neighborhood that way…

    Then I’ll say, “grandson, let me tell you about the days when the ranch house roamed the earth, then a cosmic shift occured, and they all went extinct…”

    Then we’ll each have a werther’s original together, watch Matlock, and contemplate the irony that when the dinosaurs that presumably roamed these parts went extinct they created oil, but when the extinction of the ranch house in Tanglewood happened, it was BECAUSE of the oil that was created here.”