Daily Demolition Report: Better off Blue Bonnet

Just clearing a little elbow room for the newcomers.



Photo of 6213 Del Monte Dr.: HAR

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  • I can’t figure out all of these Altura Homes new construction demos. Altura Homes appears to be an ordinary new-neighborhood developer in Dallas. What is the angle on one-lot new construction in places like Kashmere and Acres Homes?

  • Additionally, when Legend has a new-construction demo, HCAD shows the owner as Legend Homes. When Altura has it, it shows the owner as an individual, generally one living at the address being demolished.

  • There will come a day when hardly a single pre ww2 home exists in Houston.

  • Chris: And just imagine how much they’ll be worth to the people that enjoy them when that time comes around.
    You should buy them now while you still can!