Daily Demolition Report: Bibas Lost Pizza

They took the idols and smashed them. And who’ve we got now? Some nobodies!


Commercial Structures


Photos of Bibas Greek Pizza: David Hille (before) and Sonya Cuellar (after)

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  • Boy, seeing smashed Bibas truly hurts. It has been my “Hungry Heifer” for the past 2 decades. The food was always kinda “meh”, often left me feeling horrible and greasy afterwards, but I had a wonderful love/ hate with that place. Oh, how I wish for one last mediocre gyro or Aprodite pizza. My colon will never forget you.

  • Drive over to West Gray, no worries. They’re in my neighborhood again.. :)

  • Ah, I fondly remember the blue toast served up one time. “Blue?!” you say. Why yes the kitchen wasn’t particularly worried that their white bread and incurred a slight mold problem. Just drop it in the toaster and move on.

  • What, no mention of this being the second of two Bibas lost from that block? Starbucks replaced the first – could we have another Starbucks war brewing a la West Gray @ Shepherd?

  • Wasn’t the One’s a meal Bibas on the corner of Glen Cove and Memorial, where the mid-rise condos are now? Not trying to quibble, but was reminiscing with a fried the other day for the frumpy dumpy days of memorial/west end and could not recall whether starbucks killed it or the condos.

  • Is the new/old one open already? Drove by last night and it didn’t catch my eye as being open again.

  • @Time traveler – I think you’re right that it wasn’t directly across, but if I remember correctly it was the other direction from Starbucks, maybe where Left Banks is?

  • No it’s not open, I haven’t a clue why. Open 24 hours also a joke, I doubt they ever have..

  • No, the One’s A Meal inhabited the lot now occupied by the shopping center containing Starbucks and the Kolache Factory.