Daily Demolition Report: Breakfast of Champions

1439 Curtin St., Oak Forest, Houston

Also on today’s menu: a row of takedowns on Center St., a building that was once on Nantucket, and so much more:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1439 Curtin St.: HAR

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  • There once was a house on Nantucket
    It got crushed to fit into a bucket
    Some people were glad
    And some people were sad
    But the rest of them just said “who cares”.
    Note: the preceding was edited for publication purposes.

  • What’s going on in Home Owned Estates? Several demolitions there recently.

  • it would be good if more homes were decontructed and recycled; at least some portion of the homes that could be reused; reduce waste for the landfill; i think historic houston does this? i have been trying to contact them.

    how can demolitions be found before they happen? what is the best place to look— permit website for city?
    what is that website for houston?