Daily Demolition Report: Bus Stop Stop

Headed for a townhouse finish:


Commercial Structures


Photo of Willowick Court Townhomes: Move for Free

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  • I know it is not at all related to the willowick project above, but I’ve got a ‘good’ story about this type townhome.

    A friend of mines folks own one out in the Kirkwood and I-10 area. They are ex-pats and live outside the US 10+ mo a year, so it stays empty or is used by family in town. So cousins show up to use it for a few days and find all the kitchen cabinets all open, the doors won’t close, and cracks in all the walls.

    The old lady two doors down decided to have her foundation done. The problem is she shares that foundation with a few homes. She didn’t mention it to anyone and well, the rest is history. Still waiting to see how they clean that one up. Also surprised that a foundation company would do the work in the first place.

  • The 8th floor wine bar is going to have a great view of the 40 story tower going in on W Alabama and Weslayen….

  • Okay I am confused. I followed the link. Does Metro really have to get a demo permit to remove a bench and a sign pole?

  • You are right MH005, completely unrelated…