Daily Demolition Report: Bye-Bye at the Bayou Club

On today’s roster: a pool garden adjustment at a private little gathering spot near Memorial Park that’s home to a 1940 John Staub clubhouse.


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 10307 Candlewood Dr.: HAR

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  • Your information is wrong. The Clubhouse is remaining in tact and still is a vibrant social gathering place. The pool garden is being modified and replaced with a state of the art pool facility and garden. Check your sources.

    Jonathan Shear CCM,CCE
    General Manager
    The Bayou Club of Houston

  • Is the Bayou Club demolishing the club house or one of the outer buildings?

  • @Jonathan Shear. Intact is one word. Check your dictionary.

  • @Jonathan Shear: Thank you for providing the information. The city permit did not include any detail on what demolition is planned. We’ve updated the post.

  • Mr General Mgr.
    Could you be a little more abrasive?

  • @ Sally01 & JT

    Can you two check your smart_ss at the door? This web-site is so full of smarmy, nosy twirps. Ugh.

  • The clubhouse is remaining “intact.” The comments following from a couple of people were lacking “in tact.”