Daily Demolition Report: Can Stanmore

Out with these. In with those.


Community Structures


Photo of 2216 Stanmore Dr.: HAR

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  • Baptist Temple Church went down over the weekend. Looking at the rubble, I wonder whether the stucco exterior was original or applied on later when they built the second building. Might have been a much better looking building without the stucco on the exterior.

  • A shame; Stanmore’s a cutie.

  • Poor little Stanmore house. But that’s what happens when you are River Oaks Lite.

  • I used to do the property tax appeal on Stanmore. It had been seriously gutted.

  • Isn’t it merely the extra buldings, and not the church itself?

  • That Stratfod house could be a gem for the right investment. Glad the city approved the garage demo, it was beyond saving. The house itself needs a top to bottom gut job, but there are some amazing bones in the place. Buy for $300,000 – Renovation at about $300,000 (minimum) and you could turn it around for $900,000.

  • @Andoni: The Heights Baptist Church is/was actually three buildings mashed together. The building closest to Rutland was the original church that dated back to the early 1900s. The building immediately next to it was an expansion on the original church. Both have been demolished. The building that is left standing is the (relatively) newest addition/expansion of the church. That building will be renovated using the funds from the sale of the old part of the building.

  • Thanks Rex for the pics of the Stanmore property. Sad to say that giant Live Oak in the front yard probably bit the dust too.