Daily Demolition Report: Capping Bligh

And what bounty we have here:


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 323 Reid St.: HAR

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  • There are two HCAD accounts attached to 323 A Reid St, one has a house built in 2010 (presumably the one pictured) and one has a house built in 1950; the one built in 1950 is owned by a builder. I’d like to imagine it’s the one built in 1950 getting demolished.

  • Are they really tearing dwna home built in 2010????? Or is tis an incredibly late demolition notice of the prevous structure?

  • 323 Reid, built in 2010. I probably have a toothbrush older than that house.

  • I do believe your heading photo of 323 Reid St is the replacement house of what was there. The google earth link you give clearly shows that.