Daily Demolition Report: Capping Haddick

How about we replace this old house with something a little more . . . buoyant?



Photo of 6224 Del Monte Dr.: HAR

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  • …There’s a neighborhood called “Gaywood”?

  • Yes, full of big houses with lots of rear entrances.

  • I’m just imagining an SBC type receiving their closing paperwork and saying “the legal name of my property is WHERE?”

  • FYI: Gaywood is a VERY nice West Memorial suddivision. I bet some of you previous posters couldn’t afford to live there.

  • As a longtime resident of Gaywood, I can tell you we have had alot of fun with that name. In fact, I have even entertained making the following motion at one of our homeowners’ association meetings: “In order to end the embarrassment we all suffer because of the name of this subdivision, we should remove that offensive, misleading, double-entendre word from the name. Therefore, I propose that we rename our subdivision . . . GayFOREST.”

  • Patrick,

    I live near Gaywood and agree its a very nice neighborhood. They have the nice lawns and huge decks.

  • Patrick
    So what if some cant afford the Memorial area. Maybe some dont care to live there.

  • Yes, Patrick, I am so jeolous. I can barely type these words because of the envy. Galactically epic eyeroll, commence… now.

  • For a million years, Gay Pontiac-Subaru was in Dickinson (until GM killed Pontiac.) Like many auto dealers, they put their name on the back of the cars they sold. It was a metal badge which said “GAY (new line, smaller text) Dickinson, Texas.” It was not all that unusual to see Pontiacs in the Houston area with the only the tiny letters “Dickinson, Texas” showing and you knew that that owner was so afraid of having the letters G-A-Y on the back of their car that they had removed them.