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  • Nobody’s going to call 2817 Rosewood a charming bungalow and lament its loss?

  • Of Course not LOL it’s not in he right area so it doesn’t matter.

  • What most folks don’t realize, Spoonman, is that Houston is bursting at the seams with old, obsolete, structurally unsound, and termite infested bungalows. They exist by the hundreds of thousands. The whiners think Montrose and The Heights are only places they exist, or at least the only place they are worth saving.

    Bring on the bulldozers!!!!!!!!

  • I found that calling a property a “Charming Bungalow” on MLS is a way to send a messgae to developers “Lot Value!!!” without offending the hipsters in the neighborhood. Much like other beloved MLS code phrases… Fixer upper = Utter Dump, beware of tetanus!, Up and coming neighborhood = Sleep with one eye open and a finger on the trigger, Cosy = you’re better off living in a closet where you are now, Great Art Scene = Masses of unbathed malcontents roaming the streets and coffee shops.