Daily Demolition Report: Chantilly Efface

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

There ain’t nothin’ in the world like a big-eyed bulldozer.


Commercial Structures

  • Greater Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 835 W. 23rd St. 77008 (Houston Heights; new childcare center construction)


Photo of 5607 Chantilly Ln.: Realtor.com

One Comment

  • Over holiday I visited parents who have lived in Briargrove Park for 40-odd years; we observed all the mature trees were felled and vegetation removed from the lots and banks of the bayou at 303 and 307 Briarpark. The county apparently bought it to build a boat ramp to access the bayou to clean it out. This is very near the parking lot for the Terry Hershey Park under the beltway where they could put boats in, so I was surprised they bought these pricey lots and wondered if there was anything more to the project, and whether the end result would be more amenity or eyesore. The seemingly over-aggressive tree removal doesn’t suggest they are going for a parklet vibe.
    The folks in that neighborhood are mostly oblivious, and certainly my parents knew nothing about it beyond the rumor of a “boat ramp,” which I confirmed. Would appreciate any info.