Daily Demolition Report: Charleston Stomp

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

May we borrow these for a bit? Will return them shortly — as pulp.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 3505 Hutchins St.: HAR

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  • looks like a good spot for a high rise

  • @benny: With first-floor Bork?

  • I’m trying to track down the owner of some abondoned row homes on Alabama (by Ennis) but hcad is missing the addresses. They look like the ones in the photo. I have a empty lot in 3rd ward about 50 feet from the row homes that I’d love to have them moved to and fixed up. I’m sure the owners just want the land (since the row homes are beat up and just causing them issues with the city)
    If anyone is good at this type of detective work (and wants to see some old row homes saved and fixed up) contact me. cody at fatproperty

  • Cody, I believe many of those are owned by the Midtown Management District. Swamplot has in the past had DDRs of bunches of rowhouses on Alabama.

    Alternately, if you’re looking at 3003 Alabama, that’s the address. It’s owned by an LLC.

  • I think it’s 3016, 3018, 3020, 3022 Alabama. Actually, disregard. They show up in hcad now. wtf, I could have SWORN I couldn’t find them when I last looked… like hcad had a big gap in those addresses.
    Now I just need to track the guy down. If anyone knows him, tell him to write me :) I’m sure those vacant buildings are causing him all sorts of greef. I can’t believe CoH isn’t all over him as they are wide open and look liked they’ve been camped in. I’d love to buy the lots, or at minimum just pick up the homes and move them to one of my lots right behind Alabama (on Truxillo)
    Shrug… meanwhile in Montrose I get a red tag for having a cigarette butt on the sidewalk in front of a property while these things sit there rotting w/o issue… Amazing how much differently the city treats midtown/montrose vs. 3rd ward.

  • omg, disregard again. I think I know that guy (though if anyone knows him well, still pass my info along ;)

  • Cody, when you talk to him, tell him we still miss the Fiesta and the Wilshire Village apartments. He’s got to be 90-something by now!

  • GoogleMaster: lol. Yeah. I saw that he has that as his address!
    PS, the owner is not the DWI attorney that shares the same name… The search continues.