Daily Demolition Report: Charleston Twist-Off

1641 Hawthorne St., West Mandell Place, Houston

Got one we can shake before popping, to see if it’ll explode?


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1641 Hawthorne St.: HAR

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  • A brick bungalow with a front porch, built-in bookcases and fireplace being demoed. These old-house obituaries are still depressing. When the plastic surgery is done Montrose won’t be recognizable to any who knew her in the 20th century.

  • Anyone know what’s going up at 2901 Louisiana?

  • I live very close to this house and passed it on a walk a couple days back. Another Urban Living garbage home going in. I wanted to grab a flyer just to see the price tag but someone (hilariously) put dog poo all over the inside of the flyer box. I doubt that will keep someone from buying it but liked the message.

  • *Correction: The poo box is the other UL home on Hawthorne right next to Lanier middle school. Now I wonder if this one will get a poo box too.

  • Seeing the demo announcement for 1641 Hawthorne brought me down, too, but I want Swamplot readers to know that my old Montrose house will remain for as long as I’m in it (the actuaries would put that at 30+ years, I reckon).

  • Thank you HoustonReader, for hanging on to your bungalow as long as possible. I just don’t understand why a perfectly functional well-maintained home in an established neighborhood has to be torn down for some featureless stucco box. It’s not changing the density of the neighborhood (unless the developer plans 2+ townhomes on the lot), and today’s developers are short on design aesthetics. May you live long and prosper, and not be surrounded by townhomes!

  • We recently renovated a bungalow in that area and at first was surprised by how many neighbors stopped by to tell us how happy they were that we didn’t tear it down. We love our little house and I’m sad to see that one go!