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  • Man. Hard times a’ plenty in the ‘018. Two houses in two days! My hood’s coming down!

  • I am sooo glad that home is going down! It is an eyesore,has broken glass in the front, trash in the front yard. I hope something pretty and unobnoxious takes its place!

  • Jennifer, hate to tell you … I know the owners… It’s gonna be an italianate mcmansion with paladium windows everywhere and 5 turrets! Awesome! Just kidding, it is going to be a Craftman-style cottage – not too big.

  • My guess is another Mel Reyna McMansion with plywood garage doors will be going in its place.

  • I am glad to see true eyesores gone, but I have a huge issue with these oversized McMansions going in a neighborhood of modest, historical midcentury ranch style homes. It just reeks of gluttony and excess. Not to mention some of these big homes are just plain gawdy and tree killers.