Daily Demolition Report: City Beat

Man, we’re really crushin’ it this time.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2015 Drexel Dr.: HAR

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  • The Underwood house is nice. (except for one original pink bathroom) A shame to tear it down.

  • This has become one of my weekly rituals lately, marveling at the continued removal of all spread ranch Tanglewood houses. Another one bites the dust here, just as shack-like as the 2 from the last week or so. I have actually walked this house, and I seen what this house to offer. It’s quite nice, and was only $50,000 over comparable houses across Woodway in Briargrove.

    As usual, I am a land owner’s rights advocate, and people can do as they please with the property they own. It doesn’t make it any less confusing why a house with at least $200,000 in value greater than the dirt is better to scrape than not.