Daily Demolition Report: Day Is Done

A little lowering on Lower Westheimer — and more holiday demo delights:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 524 Westheimer Rd.: HAR

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  • It’s a shame to see another one of these old homes get demolished. These were really nice homes in their day. When I was a kid (back in the 1960’s), I had friends that lived in many of these properties.

  • Lord knows we can never have too many “luxury” condos, phone stores or nail salons….

  • In the name of historical preservation, I sincerely hope the neighboring Asian massage parlor in this picture is not included in the demolition.

  • I wonder if the psychic is predicting a “happy ending.”

  • I live by this thing and have a friend with a home right behind it.
    The property was for sale forever. I guess no one who was interested in the homes historical value wanted it so it was bought and knocked down.

  • It was doomed. What kind of savage could possibly live in only 2100 square feet??!

  • That houses location is what doomed it. It just isnt practical anymore due to it being on a such major road. Im sure that land will be developed into some sort of retail, restaraunt, or multifamily residence.

  • I passed the pile of rubble on my way to work this morning. Sorry to see that old house go. I guess nobody wants these old homes.

  • ” And they all came tumbling down…”