Daily Demolition Report: Del Monte Delmolished

2520 Del Monte Dr.. River Oaks

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

All will be smashed down and then tidied up before we know it.



Photo of 2520 Del Monte Dr.: arch-ive.org

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  • Not a shame… the place was a dump. The photos are spectacular compared to what it actually looked like and let’s not discount what it smelled like! The real shocker is that someone is going to build a spec with a $2.5M lot. But don’t worry it’s going to be really ugly so it will most likely sell quick! available spring 2018 http://www.miradorbuilders.com/available-homes/

  • Maybe the cheesedicks who are planning on tearing down the magnificent Del Monte home are planning on converting the 1/2 acre lot into a community park for all to enjoy.

    Better yet, maybe they’re planning on constructing a 14 story high rise covered in stucco and with on street parking.

  • I’m willing to give Mirador the benefit of the doubt. IMO they build some of the less offensive lot monsters in Houston. They at least try to scatter some interesting architectural elements amongst the miles of stucco on their houses.

  • I looked at the old home to see if I could save it. The entry foyer was lovely but that was where the charm stopped. The home hadn’t been updated for many centuries and the floor plan just wasn’t sited correctly for a street that is very busy. Kirby in 2016 is a different Drive than it was in 1935. Bedrooms shouldn’t overlook Kirby, they need to be tucked in as far from the road as possible. The correct insulation and laminated windows are needed. The heirs reserved and removed the front door. I reclaimed the quirky dragon sconces, dining room chandelier and pecky cypress library paneling. Salvagers are taking the brick, shiplap, wood flooring and steel windows. The live oaks have been fed and pruned and will be protected before construction begins. I worked with Kelly Cusimano AIA to design an amazing new structure, that will respect the other surrounding homes. Stay tuned, the new home should be complete by Spring 2018