Daily Demolition Report: Delhi Meat

Put a fork in these; they’re done.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 12530 Boheme Dr.: HAR

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  • Guess that big house just ain’t big enough anymore.

  • why don’t people just take it down to the studs, pretty house

  • I would hazard the guess that the last owners of the Boheme house were also the first ones, or maybe the second, but in any event, very long term. About all that is different in that house from 1963 is the presence of ceiling fans and a couple of the kitchen appliances have been replaced.

    For today’s tastes, the universal eight foot ceilings and the room sizes just aren’t enough. For example, extrapolating from the other room sizes, the formal living and dining rooms and the family room in back each have a dimension that is probably no more than 14′ – more likely 12′. The overall square footage is a tad more than twice that of my Heights bungalow on its original footprint, with half the number of any given type of room (except kitchen – and mine’s larger).