Daily Demolition Report: Demo Fields

Bitter ends for Luisito’s, at the North Loop and T.C. Jester, plus a gallery of other colorful buildings. More coordinates of destruction exposed in our daily list:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 7623 Bryonwood Dr.: HAR

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  • Whatever *was* at the corner of Pease & Chenevert is gone as of this morning- they were in the middle of tearing it down as I drove to work today.

  • The west corner, that is.

  • There hasn’t been anything that made it any length of time where Luisitos has been since I can remember… and that goes back to the early 80’s. That should be a good spot as there’s all sorts of office workers around there for lunch time business and plenty of residential to feed evening business demands.

  • Sorry to see Luisito’s go – but Im not surprised. It IS a chore to get in and out of there — one doesn’t usually travel that section of the feeder for any reason unless you work down there. I hope it is replaced with something worth going to.