Daily Demolition Report: Disappearing La Mirage

2209 Wichita St., Riverside Terrace, Houston

Know when to be seen, when not to be seen, and when to go away completely.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2209 Wichita St.: HAR

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  • Second bungalow in as many weeks to bite the dust at the hands of Modern Bungalow. Should just be honest and change the name to “Murder Bungalows”.

  • Good riddance 2209 Wichita, eyesore on the feeder for so long. It’s too bad, but it was too far gone. Many more like it across that whole neighborhood.

  • According to archived aerial photos online, the house on Wichita was originally 3 houses from end of the block before the freeway was built. Although it shows some serious neglect these days, I can imagine how this was once someone’s brand new home still fresh with the smell of (leaded) paint.

  • It’s interesting to note the lag time between the demo permit appearing on Swamplot and the actual demo. In the case of the Wichita house, that lot was scraped clean a few days ago – but the demo permit just shows up now.

  • I’m all about saving bungalows, but this isn’t worth saving due to location and condition. Who wants a SFH off of 288? It may be worth restoring if 288’s feeder/frontage didn’t run next to it.
    My mother and I tried to look at this home nearly 2 years ago when I was buying. It was in such poor condition that the home was literally falling apart (and of course, no one was allowed to go in).