Daily Demolition Report: Down the Fairway

Clearing out a bit of elbow room in Montrose:


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of Fairway Liquor, 1006 Fairview St.: LoopNet

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  • aww :( I knew it was only a matter of time before that place went away. Too strong of a location.
    I remember my first visit to La Mex (next door)… It was for breakfast on our way up to a L’ Auberge Du Lac trip. After eating, we bought some supplies from Fairway (my first visit there too) and drove up.
    I’ve passed and seen that place 100000 times.

  • Thank god they’re doing something about the boarded up liquor store. Does anyone know what’s going in its place…?

  • Is Tires 4 less on Shep getting demoed for the new storage place? I thought that was going to be on the 1500 block.

  • Bets on when Lola’s gets the wrecking ball?

  • What part of Ecclesia is coming down? The big white house out back?

  • The google maps link for Ecclesia is incorrect.

  • They didn’t waste any time. It’s been demolished.

  • I heard from a Hollywood convenience store employee that’s it’s going to be a parking lot. :(
    Could anyone confirm?

  • @JD – I think calling it Ecclesia is incorrect. Rodrigo is right, and it maps correctly. That white house behind Ecclesia has been condemned for a while. Just a look at how far out the upper floor is tilting over the porch will show you why! It’s becoming a hazard to passerby, much less residents.