Daily Demolition Report: Drew Back

But left the dirt just where it is.



Photo of 629 E. 10th St.: HAR

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  • Sorry to see the pictured home on East 10th go away. Was really cute. From what I remember, it turned over only about 3 years ago.

  • What’s the critical mass on homes like 3032 Drew going away and new construction starting up in the Third Ward in a big way? Geographically the place seems like it should be far more well-used than it is.

  • spoonman: Having driven in the area to scope some places out, I’m seeing a mix of newer places. It seems like a lot of devs are taking the risk. It’s pretty amazing to see a brand new townhome that’s selling for $$ right next to some REALLY shady looking places.

  • I briefly looked at a house there (3113 Trulley, because it’s not like it reveals any information to tell you I looked at a house that I didn’t buy). Several panes had been broken and there was a stolen purse on the second floor. Down the street there were some nice houses fenced-in across from places with metal roofs. Very strange place.

  • Tearing down a house like the one on E 10th is very sad. Many cities wouldn’t allow for such drastic alteration of a neighborhood. Part of buying a property is also investing in the look of the neighborhood.
    Looks like it was a fine home. Too bad it was destroyed.

  • Luckily for you, Glen, there are literally thousands of bungalows in Houston which you could save if you wanted to.

    Neighborhoods change. I would say that the cities which don’t allow alteration of neighborhoods are dooming themselves to stagnation.

  • Wow. I looked at E 10th in 2009. It had recently been remodeled and was in very good condition. I would have never guessed that builders would be looking at it for a demo.

  • @Spoonman: People pay a huge premium to live in the stagnant historic neighborhoods of Boston, San Fran, NY, Paris, London etc.

  • The house on 10th was 988 square feet. That’s not particularly useful in this day and age, and definitely not economic in that area.

  • spoonman-

    yeah, i’d hate to own one of those shacks in elfreth’s alley.
    or any place in olde city philadelphia…

  • From the landscaping, the old oak at front, the bamboo we planted to cover the monster homes, and the grown from seed Mexican Flamboyan tree by the front window… to the exquisite Saltillo tile entrance we build and the original Mexican Talavera tile used in the fully re-modeled 40’s kitchen to snow white plantation shutters, and gorgeous french doors looking at the beautiful big back yard…. that was our “Casa Sol” It truly had a heart and soul… and that they can’t never demolished! Live on “Casa Sol” you live in our hearts for ever.

  • And here’s how it looked like before the monster homes crew got to it… http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4320605736240.176769.1319957166&type=1