Daily Demolition Report: Eagle Landed

Let’s make a few things perfectly clear.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1646 Viking Dr.: HAR

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  • Does anyone know how many homes in 77018 have been lost to the wrecking ball??

    Most lots in that neighborhood are huge. I lived there until 1960. Then my Aunt and her family lived in the house until a few years ago.

  • I’m confused. Are the links following the Peden address listings for future residences to be built at that address, or are we beginning to see the result of shoddy construction practices over the last decade?

  • to miss_msry @ #1 – a large number of homes, especially if they are large lots in Garden Oaks or zoned to Oak Forest Elementary in Oak Forest. For example, 10 years ago, the section of Wakefield between Ella and Oak Forest had only 1 new home (sw corner Oak Forest & Wakefield), now nearly every original ranch has been replaced or is in the process of being replaced or undergoing major renovation. In the oldest sections of OF, the original devloper did not really build quality homes (according to a friend who is the original owner of her home on Althea) and would have been replaced sooner or later.

  • Paul, given that those look to be renderings/sketches and that the build date is listed as 2012, I’d say they’re future residences.