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  • It appears developer Avi Ron bought the Assembly of God property back in September. I wonder what’s afoot.

  • More traffic for the Heights.

  • The plot thickens..or oozes…not sure…The property appears to have gone to a Trustee sale shortly after East Mink bought it. (more hmmmm..) Then, tonight, I was talking with inebriated neighbors who were doing their own form of demo on the *former* church. They informed me that Lovett Homes had purchased the property AND (get this) they were not angry with that (hmmm). Oh, and here’s a new source for information: drunk white people throwing bricks at an old church,

  • Considering that the previous plan for that corner was midrise apartments/condos, I understand why homes would be welcomed.

    Which would you prefer in your neighborhood– an abandoned church building collecting graffiti or a set of homes?

    Personally, I think this lot or the HISD one for sale across the street should be developed into a YMCA for the neighborhood, which desperately needs a pool, gym, etc. The one on 34th st is just too far away. Model it after the one on Stella Link. It is nice.

  • I am simply amazed that we did not get some sort of disassembly pun.

  • Goodbye old church. I’m sure the neighbors are not sad to see this go. Any single family home development is better than the previous plans for this property. Let’s hope the new project is in keeping with the neighborhood.

  • Porchman, anything is better than having YOU or that graffiti building that once upon a time was a church for a neighbor. I am one of those neighobrs having fun throwing bricks and breaking glass after the demolition crew was done for the day.
    I have lived across the street from this property for 26 years and have called the police on many occasions for vandalism, drug deals, dope smoking, sex acts, you name it, on this property. Two years ago a BRUTAL RAPE occured!!!!
    Furthermore, no one was drunk and you were not walking with us. You walked by with your wife, smiling and was with us for all of 30 seconds.
    Get the facts, Napoleon!

  • 37 hours….impressive


    What had you been smoking before you strolled up to the demolition site? Must have been some good stuff to get your facts so wrong.

    I was there, I don’t drink, didn’t throw anything, saw no one drunk, am a licensed attorney and won’t bother giving you the time of day in the future. I’m the one that told you about Lovett Homes buying the property – not that it matters or that you deserve to know – but there are good CHRISTIAN people in the Heights and Lovett is buying the property from a development company – the company responsible for having the building demolished.
    Please stay on your porch! You’re not welcome on our street – pretending to be an interested neighbor while in reality being a JUDAS.