Daily Demolition Report: Extreme Makeover, Smash to Bits Edition

Hmmmm. Something sure looks funny about the demo permit taken out by HHN Homes and listed below for the city’s code enforcement and plan review offices at 3300 Main St. Maybe the address is just a stand-in for next week’s mystery-site Extreme Makeover: Home Edition demo and rebuild. Ya think?



Photo of slab at 1408 Hickory St.: HAR

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  • Are we really to believe the chosen family doesn’t have a clue they were “chosen”?

    I mean, the crew shows up on Sunday and starts knocking down the house? When did they move out all their stuff?

  • My guess is they know they’re finalists, but are only made aware several hours beforehand.

  • I’ve read in a gardening book that I purchased recently that a good/frugal way to acquire plants is via city demolitions….obviously one would dig-up the said plant and transport it themselves. Have you ever heard of anyone doing this here in Houston? And if so, what would a person do? Just show-up and start digging? Ask someone/if so who/how do you find-out who to ask? I really would like to start investigating this/do this as there are probably some goreous, very mature plants at some of the older properties especially……………

  • I’ve heard of people “frugally” digging up plants… but that was in the dark of night, and it was less “frugal” and more “stealing”

  • Anika great point i thought of that as i saw an old home with wonderful HUGE spider lilies great trampled and wondered the same this. There sould be a way “Of preserving our horticultural past”. Some of the old plants do not grown or are available any more.

  • Yeah at some park in the hood, unless it’s torn down and gone, yeah that is theft. Take a cutting or a fruit that’s vastly different.

  • ANIKA:

    Ive done that for years. I just call it urban renewal.

  • Well, what was at 3300 Main before, and had there ever been a demo permit filed previously? Sometimes a building will burn down and debris will be removed, but it won’t be considered demolished until the slab is gone and the sewer connection is officially closed off.

  • If you take plants without asking, it is theft. Plain and simple. Finding who owns them is not easy to find but the property still belongs to SOMEONE.

    Especially with FEMA houses. The Harris County Flood Control owns them here in Houston and yes, it’s still stealing.

    I’m very surprised that a reputable garden writer would suggest doing that.

  • @TheNiche, 3300 Main is where the City of Houston Code Enforcement office is, along with Green Building, Plan Review, and others. It probably also holds the office that approves demos.

    3300 hasn’t gone anywhere (yet), or at least it hadn’t this morning when I drove past it on my way to 3100. I just looked out the window to see if it’s still there, but I can’t see over the parking garage at 3200.

  • Oh, well I was just going by what was depicted in the above photo. Was that a pictorial non sequitur, Gus?

  • He usually places the photo ID at the bottom of the list of addresses, just before the “add comment” remark.

    The slab is at the Hickory St address.

  • I was at a place in Houston Saturday when the family was surprised. I don’t know if they new they were gonna be surprised there but, no one else in the place knew it was crazy. I am not going to say were it happened bc I signed papers an I don’t think I am suppose to say anything.