Daily Demolition Report: Fannin Flames

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

A raw deal for a New Deal building downtown, and other local guttings of the day:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 10806 Warwana Rd.: HAR

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  • Sad to see the Art Deco/Modern Harris County DA’s building is ti be demolished.

    When we do not preserve and cherish our past, we have no future.

  • Shame about that little pink house on Indiana St. I wish there were a program to move these little old houses to vacant lots so someone could live in them.

  • When we do not preserve our past, we are able to have a wide open future. A future with more efficient, ecologically congruent buildings. Buildings with modern HVAC, windows, flood control.

    Tearing down old cool looking buildings is just that. We lose cool looking buildings from another time. I personally live in a renovated old house, and before that another cool looking old house. I preserved each. I don’t think renovating/preserving has anything to do with the future of either location.

    So, while the Deco style is great and would be fantastic if someone saw the residual value, it’s not crucial to anything. The market has spoken. If they build an unappealing, out of touch new building — the buy side will also speak, and not reward the owner with their business.

    This is how the world should work. Forcing a property owner through regulation to appreciate the styling of yesteryear is anti-productive. NOTE – I have a heart for “gray” area on this when it comes to public buildings. Then it is owned by the public, and needs to be considered more broadly on how the tax paying public feels about the continued use/retention of a historic or interesting looking dated building. Think city hall.

  • @Bo …. you said “the market has spoken”, but this is a government owned building, therefore there is no market to speak other than the builders who wish to make a profit. Houston is backwards culturally, an urban cowboy type of city that is primarily populated by temporary residents that will soon move elsewhere when any reasonable opportunity arises. I should be sad, but I too am looking forward to vacate this swamp when the time is right for “There is no joy in Mudville”

  • @WR

    Yes. Yes. Let all the locusts and parasites leave, and open the door for true evolution of this city.