Daily Demolition Report: Funeral Home Memorial

13507 Alchester Ln., Wilchester, Houston

Clearing out the Addicks Dam subdivision — and other coming disappearances:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 13507 Alchester Ln.: HAR

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  • Re 1536 Nicholson.. another cute bungalow bites the dust for an 800k lot filler.

  • What a shame. That Nicholson house is adorable.

  • I wonder what is going to be done about the Gaston-Ohlendorf Cemetery at the end of Redhaw St?

    According to a couple of Harris County cemetery listings, it’s “Near the dead end of Redhaw Street off Old Katy Road; west of Eldridge Parkway. At the end of Red Haw and off to the right, this cemetery is only accessible via private property and a poorly marked path. I recommend permission and a GPS to get you there.”