Daily Demolition Report: Glenloch Unlocked

Doin’ a little diggin’ in Glenbrook Valley, plus an 86 in the Old Sixth:


Commercial Structures


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  • Old Sixth Ward? So much for the strictest Historic District rules in the city.

  • I am sure the Old Sixth Ward Historical District or whatever they call themselves have been given assurances that the new structure will be a cute little Victorian style bungalow per their wishes.

  • What’s going UP in Glenbrook Valley?

  • And what’s with the three houses in a row in Glenbrook Valley? Sounds like a McMansion may be arriving. A big McMansion…

  • Those properties are owned by HISD. I don’t think we’ll see a new McMansion.

  • Glenbrook action is a rebuild of Lewis Elementary

  • For a time in about 1965-66 I lived in an apartment on Stone St. There were some really nice homes across the street from us.

    Was that Glenbrook Valley?

    What are the boundaries of that neighborhood of 1200 homes?

  • There was a previous article about the Glenloch houses on Swamplot.

    The houses across Stone St. are Meadowbrook Freeway. There is a drainage ditch that divides the two.

  • The house being demolished in the Old Sixth Ward was severely damaged by a tree falling on it, and Hurricane Ike. The owner has exhausted all options in trying to restore the large, two-story apartment building. The neighborhood supports the demolition and went to the HAHC meeting to speak in support. It is sad to lose this building, but our support also proves that we are not unreasonable people who refuse to demolish anything.
    As to what will go up in its place, the owner is expected to follow the design guidelines for the neighborhood, now in place for almost three years. It is a 7,500sf lot, I expect a large home that fits in with the fabric of the neighborhood and block. A new house was just built across the street, and another is planned on the empty lot next door.