Daily Demolition Report: Goin’ on South

A little action at the former fire station on that corner of S. Braeswood. And more:


Commercial Structures


Photo of Fire Station 33: Lauren Meyers

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  • I used to live in that Lawrence St house. Surprised it took them this long to tear it down. What a mess!

  • I thought the old firestation could have been revamped into a classy lounge or perhaps a patio-style restaurant. It’s on a corner, has a cavernous interior and could easily add in some parking. Alas, plough it under and away to make room for more condos as the medcenter is in such need of them…

  • Back in the bad old days, the Houston Oilers’s practice field was just across the street, on teh other side of Braeswood. Folks could pull over on Fannin and watch the workouts and drills, there were even a couple of parallel parking spaces scooped into the kerb. Then one fine day in the mid 70s (as I recall), a tall opaque fence was installed surrounding the field. Was there a revolutionary new offensive technique being developed? Intensive special-teams drills? The city stood in wonderment.
    Coach Phillips (PBUH) had decided that having the whole practice grind to a halt every time the fire trucks pulled out of the station was costing too much practice time.

  • Awww. Mackie and Kamrath, right?

  • The station is still standing as of yesterday – wonder how long this one will be drawn out. The old yellow violation placard had been updated (as in written over) with a new deadline of Oct. 3 I believe.

    After asking around, seems this could possibly be the work of Bailey Swenson, but no one knows for sure.

  • The station’s finally gone..