Daily Demolition Report: Gold Diggers

4902 La Branch St., Southmore, Houston

Because they were built that way, they must be unbuilt this way.


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 4902 La Branch St.: HAR

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  • “Richmont Square Apartments, 1400 Richmond Ave. 77006”

    There’s no building numbers – does that mean the whole complex has been evicted?

  • Called and left messages with Tricon to see if my contractor could salvage a couple of pallets of bricks off 4902 LaBranch. You know, bonded and insured professional, not just fly-by-night. A few builders will try to salvage materials off homes to be demolished, but Tricon isn’t among them. But since the bricks match my house, I though maybe, just maybe they’d allow a professional to come get the bricks they had no plans to use. But Tricon wouldn’t even bother to return my call and instead just leveled the house. This type arrogance and lack of any courtesy –even if the answer was no– is part of the reason existing residents in neighborhoods think a lot of developers are assholes.