Daily Demolition Report: Gone Down Moses

1918 and 1922 Oakdale St., Museum Park, Houston

There’s so much to discover once you clear the old stuff away.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1918 and 1922 Oakdale St.: HAR

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  • Seeing those classy 1930 apartments getting crushed on Oakdale means that the swath of subtle swank in the form of two-story brick residences on both sides of the freeway that are now between 80-90 years old are all terminal. Everything from U of H to the museums will be nothing but pop-tart townhomes in 30 years.

  • Those Oakdale buildings seem underpriced. Isn’t the land over there worth more than that?

  • Good, maybe then the area around U of H will improve enough to make it worth a damn. I currently wouldnt send my kids to U of H and let them live near campus. I know Im not in the minority on this either.

  • If you’re afraid to let your kids attend UH, I hope you live in an ironclad bunker a mile below the earth’s surface, because you’re not going to be safe anywhere.

  • 77008 REPRESENT!

  • That house on Leverkuhn was being being renovated last time i went by there (2-3 months tops), and looked like it was nearing completion, at least from the outside.

  • @James – so I suppose you wouldn’t let your kids go to Yale or University of Chicago either?

  • I’d put money on odds that living around UH is safer than having to commute to UH on the freeways.

  • not afraid to send them there, but wouldnt want them living near it. That area is disgusting…

  • This is why U of H is a commuter school and will remain that way until something is done about the area. It will never be a destination school, like UT or A&M, if you cant offer decent places to live.

  • Those Oakdale props are nowhere near UH. More like Museum district.

  • @ james: See today’s headline about Aspen Heights, an article referencing other fine living options, too numerous to list here, in the immediate vicinity of the UH campus. If you’re saying that UH will never amount to anything because of the Third Ward, then I suppose Albert Einstein COM is chopped liver because it’s in the Bronx, and that Yale U. is just a POS because New Haven is unsafe. Moreover, I take issue with the notion that College Station is a decent place in which to live; even Austin is questionable.

  • correct walt, chicago is a dump. Maybe they could move TSU and it might be a little better over there…

  • @James: regarding your “That area is disgusting” statement. I have lived in that area for over 10 years. There are parts that are bad, sure. But much of the area is undergoing quite a turnaround – including the University (both of them for that matter). And I don’t suppose you’ve ever taken a drive down MacGregor – far from disgusting. Do me & my neighbors a favor and stay in the suburbs.

  • “Chicago is a dump.”

    My, that’s rich.

  • Dont worry, I wont go there unless I need some drugs, a title loan, or some fried chicken. @ asprout, You living there for 10 years doesnt validate anything to me. Just means you like to live in the ghetto.

  • @james: And your comment on moving TSU, one of the nation’s largest historically black universities, proves your racist stereotypes

  • @Dana-X

    You would be surprised how many blocks have minimum lot size and setback restrictions to prevent townhomes, with many more in progress towards that goal today. There is a strong, united and proud community of home pwners in this area who are not giving in to the pressure.

  • The addresses on in 77008 W. 26th are a row of 4 little houses surrounded by Sandcastle townhouses and 3-4 story long skinny behemoths. It was just a matter of time. . .

  • Superdave, and exactly what is this pressure you state? The pressure of declining incomes ever since the late 70’s destroying affordability of inner city housing for younger age groups and those being pushed into the ever increasing lower income brackets? would love to hear of how your proud group of homeowners is working to raise incomes and affordability of inner city housing to better utilize the cities infrastructure for all age groups and increase productivity/wages for the entire region.

  • @joel

    I was talking about stopping townhomes, not saving the world.

  • oh that’s well understood. I just wanted to clarify why you feel the goals of your immediate community are more important than the goals of the larger community you choose to live within.

  • Whoops! My mistake! I didn’t realize that james is a troll.