Daily Demolition Report: Goodbye Uncle Buddy

Picking up a bit of momentum, finally. And clouds of dust.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1206 Welch St.: Swamplot inbox

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  • Good riddance to the Welch St property. Use it or lose it.

  • Anybody know what’s going in at the Little Buddy site on Washington?

  • Sorry about that- I meant the Uncle Buddy site on Washington-

  • Save the Dingbats! lol

  • Not all dingbats are created equal. Good riddance.

  • Supposedly the Welch St. years ago used to be a funeral home. If I were the developer of any land that used to contain funeral homes,I’d get a priest,rabbi,shaman or psychic to CLEANSE that property ASAP…Never know what kind of freaky/weird happenings can occur there.Just saying….

  • Word is that the owners of Treasures will be building a ‘classy dinner club.’ Not looking forward to our new neighbor if that is indeed the case.
    In fact the property is owned by an LLC controlled by the Davari brothers who own Treasures.

  • Is ‘dinner club’ the new euphemism? I need to warn my grandma.

  • I think I’d rather have the vacant lot filled with broken 40 bottles than a Treasures-inspired “classy dinner club”