Daily Demolition Report: Henry Clay

2923 Drexel Dr., Highland Village, Houston

Landing a big one in Sherwood Forest. And Dairyland is no more.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 2923 Drexel Dr.: HAR

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  • Dairy Land went down on Tuesday. Permit filed on Thursday? Funny how that works.

  • 417 Friar Tuck might be this year’s nominee for most Dickensian tear-down. Almost 12k square feet will be torn down. No architectural treasure (though the NY skyline glass shower enclosure made swamplot), but that is a lot of building to take down just to put up your updated version of in your face wealth.

  • What the heck is wrong with the Friar Tuck house that one couldn’t live in it as is??? Wrong color of marble??? Rich people of Houston sure are fickle.

  • A $4 million teardown? So, <$2 gas impact on local development not relevant there, I guess. And it was only built in 89.

  • A late-’80s new-money mansion with a history of neglect, that’s tacky to boot? I would’ve scraped it, too, if only to have a more pleasing lot to look at. http://swamplot.com/houston-home-listing-photo-of-the-day-tall-buildings-artistically-reconsidered/2013-07-15/

  • Rodrigo — thanks for the crosslink. I’d missed the post from 2013. The HAR Home Value page doesn’t have the statement that the images were not representative of the current state of the home, so that is doubly a shame if they had just allowed the house and grounds to rot.