Daily Demolition Report: Hollow Victory

443 Hollow Dr., Woodland Hollow, Houston

We’ve got these ones cornered. There’s no escaping now.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 443 Hollow Dr.: HAR

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  • Great, millions in tax dollars for all these new schools in HISD that will be completely destroyed in no time. With the exception of DeBakey, Lamar, Bellaire and a couple of MS and a few elementary, like River Oaks, West U, and Poe, the District is a disaster of gangs and thugs and underperforming schools with abysmal drop out rates, what a colossal waste of money, well at least the poor teachers will get nicer faculties for the short term

  • Uh, random rant?

  • 711 and 715 1/2 W 18th? Side by side properties.. hmm. Anyone else suspect another pocket of townhouses will be sprining up here soon?

  • I’m speculating that the demos in W 18th are related to Hunky Dory/Foreign Correspondents.

  • The lot on Hollow will be very nice for a new home. The lots on Hollow are mostly very large and wooded. This short street is a Memorial area hidden secret.