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  • The Waverly house is a dump. The garage at the back of the house doesn’t integrate well and is rotting, and the house itself looks to have structural damage. Lets hope something more attrtactive goes up on that lot.

  • WHHHHOOOOOHHHOOOOO!!!! I’m so happy that that house on Waverly is coming down. That has been an eyesore for years and for a long time had a lot of Sanford and Son junk in the yard. Now the shotgun shacks down the street by the bike trail need to follow suit. I just hope they don’t build a Wal-Mart on the lot. . . .

  • I’ve been waiting for this one. Even an overgrown empty lot is better than the dump that’s there now.

  • When we were house hunting last year we looked at the lovely yellow house diagonally across 10th from this dump. We were afraid that they were too settled into this place and that it would take too long to get torn down, so we passed. Glad to see something better (and even four garage-in-the-front townhomes would be better!) will replace it.

  • KatieP,

    I had some friends with a similar story. They looked at that house and the two new builds in the next block and said no way. B/t this teardown and those small shack houses by the jogging path, they wanted no part in that. Plus, they were turned off by whatever elementary school they would have been zoned to.

  • The Waverly house is a pile of rotten wood this morning. The excavator made short work of it. Looks like at least one truck load had been hauled away at 8am.

    @JohnJ, your friends would have been zoned to Love Elementary, which is actually a decent school. It’s not hard to transfer to another school if the zoned school isn’t acceptable.

  • Anyone know who bought the land? Developer or private owner?

  • Same owners since 1988, they are the ones who purchased the demo permit from the city.

  • How does one go about getting an over 65 homestead exemption on two different properties in Harris County, at the same time?

    Yeah, it’s there. On page 2 of the Waverly house HCAD record and page 1 of the Hurley house.

    I know, I know, not my business. But, we had to wait a long time to get that age tax break on ONE house. How’d he get two?

  • Ooh I hope they build an Alcoholics Anonymous center to compliment the methadone clinic across the street (on Waverly).

  • The Waverly lot is still sitting vacant. Anyone know what the variance request is for?