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  • That picture shows a shocking amount of topography on that property, for Houston.

  • I haven’t been this excited about a demo day since Ella Square got the bulldozer treatment. The house pictured above has been an eyesore for many years, and, with the exception of what is likely the largest Azalea bush in the Gulf Coast region, utterly without redeeming qualities. Here’s hoping its replacement has no turrets.

  • That house is 780 sq. ft. 70+ years old, on a 10,000 sq. ft. corner lot; bound to have lots of mature vegitation. Now that the property is owned by a developer, I think it is safe to expect 2 stories, 3000 sq. ft, and all the to-do that goes with Garden Oaks deed restrictions.

  • In this case, “topography” = drainage swale, in all likelihood.

  • You’re right, the lighting and angle made me think the other side of the drainage ditch in the foreground was flat.

  • Going on a tangent, if you look at the Google Street view of this house, the house next door is completely blurred out. I’ve never seen that before for an entire house. Any idea why?

  • Google generally blurs out things it identifies as license plates or faces. Evidently it thought that house was a license plate.

    Or, some nutball paid them $1000 to do it.

  • It’s 70+ years old? Why no historic argument to keep it from the wrecking ball?
    (I’m honestly curious)