Daily Demolition Report: How Braes Was My Valley

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

How can there be fury felt for things that are gone to water.


Commercial Structures

  • L.R. Walker Construction Co., 9232 Ponderosa Ln. 77074 (Country Club Villas; new warehouse construction: A.A. Restaurant Equipment Co.)


Photo of 5151 Braesvalley Dr.: HAR

3 Comment

  • 2311 Bartlett St. was flipped only to be torn down? I hope Croix Custom Homes doesn’t build another 2331 North Blvd. That same plan is used several times within a few blocks.

  • The appliances in Bartlett are brand new. So, when people in River Oaks, West U, etc. tear down a house that has very recently been updated, where do the appliances go? Do builders recycle them? Do they put them up on Craigslist? Seems like there should be some good bargains on high end appliances from these teardowns and remodels.

  • Old School: Habitat for Humanity is one of several outfits that recovers furnishings and fittings from tear-downs. They were at work near me a few weeks ago.