Daily Demolition Report: How We Leave Clover

Houses of many colors today. Eat from the rainbow, they say.



Photo of 1040 Studewood St.: Realtor.com

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  • RE: 1040/1050 Studewood.. Finally.. this place has been an eyesore with their trash in the front yard and the roof collapsing in..

    If you’re not going to restore it, please play nice with your neighbours.. Thank you.

  • Yeah, I could never figure out that place. For years it looked like somebody’s pet art project, but over the past several months its taken a more destructive tone. There is something quirky about it I’ll miss though, but the garbage in the yard, no.

  • Maybe while they’re at it they can repaint that awful bright green shed. You’d think for a sign company, they’d have a more effective way to advertise their own space than neon colors and a spray painted sign.

  • 1040 Studewood was for sale a few months back, not sure if it sold or not (listing is gone from HAR). The “renovation” took an originally serviceable (though not very nice house) and bit by bit destroyed it. It sat open to the elements (incomplete roof, missing walls/windows) for a year and half, and the city cut power at some point. I imagine this was due to a permitting/inspection issue. In any event, it got demolished yesterday. Perhaps the flattened space will be used for more parking for G-Force Media One, where business appears to be booming (wink).

  • Such an odd little place. For awhile I thought they were building a little permanent lemonade stand as an addition.