Daily Demolition Report: If a Big Mac Falls in the Forest

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Oh, it’s all going down. All of it. Well, at least these places they told us about:


Commercial Structures


Photo of 6504 Rodrigo St.: HAR

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  • It’s an absolute shame that that sweet house isn’t going to be moved somewhere instead of smashed to bits.

  • What is that building next to the pictured house? Condos maybe?

  • There are great big honkin’ townhomes on both sides. 6506 is a 3700+ sq ft home; 6502 has 2 units of 3000+ sq ft each. This cute little place never had a chance.

  • Condos? Once upon a time that would have been the correct assumption. Now that is apparently the minimum home size required for a two person family. Say goodbye to sunlight in your backyard …

  • Holy crap, 6506 and 6508 are quite possibly the most hideously ostentatiously ugly townhomes I have ever seen.

  • The shame is that it’s too costly to move this lil baby :-(

  • Little 6504 Rodrigo will likely be replaced with something as monumental–or more so–than its neighbors. On the way to Sunday worship in the Heights it has been interesting to see the evolution of the neighborhood as the little bungalows give way to 2- or 3-story townhomes that tower over their neighbors, then the little homes are sold and turned into even larger and taller townhomes. I think there are even 4-story townhomes now, but maybe they just have really high ceilings.

  • All of the above.
    These structures may offer investment opportunties. America is aging, so younger buyers who don’t notice 2,3 flights of stairs will be fewer in number. Eventually, owners will need elevators or chairlifts on their stairs as hips are replaced, arthritis kicks in. Also, they’ll need vitamin D and special sunlamps that replicate sunlight. Except for the vampires.

  • I just drove by the McDonald’s on Ella on Friday. Thought maybe they were just renovating, because they sure seem to stay busy. Now where will I get my mid-day $1 drink?!

  • In McDonald’s world, renovating means demolish restaurant and build the current prototype in the same place.

  • This little house is almost 80 years old. Will those town homes be around in another 75 years?

    Or will anyone even care?

  • They will be crumbling stucco way out in North Spring at the dump in 50 years time. I don’t even want to think about what it runs to air condition a 3-4 story home. While our 1930’s era 4 square brick house will be here well into the next century…

  • Even the big houses are going to eventually feel the pain of new development next to them. One of the last intact acres in Studes 2nd Heights — the corner of Beverly in the 600 block of E 8th has been replatted into 27 lots. This ravine lot is across the street from new McMansions. The condo dwellers are going to love all the McMansions’ parking pads.