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  • RE 301 E 16 on the demo list. Well, thanks Swamplot, for making a rainy day even more depressing. I’ve always thought the home attractive, and wished I had the $$ to buy it. Any chance that the agent, who bills herself as ‘an experienced remodeller’ might be moving it or remodelling it?

  • Such a beautiful old house and seemingly in good shape. With the housing market being in such a drop, it might be wiser for them to hold off on demolition and use it as a rental. These are the ones I hate to see go. Makes me very sad.

  • That home sits on a HUGE corner lot.

    Was inside about 6 months ago.Very poor upkeep. Would not be surprised if the home is demo’d. VERY cool on the outside, but unlivable conditions on the inside. Too bad :(

  • This house was moved several weeks ago. There has been a bulldozer on the lot for the last couple of days. Since the house is already gone, it’s likely the demo permit is for the remaining garage. The owner is planning construction of one huge lot-filling custom home.

  • Glad to hear it was moved. SOmeone needs to remind people to lower property taxes: improve inside, let outside go.