Daily Demolition Report: Knocking Oak Forest

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

If you haven’t knocked it, try it.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1706 Saxon Dr.: HAR

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  • 195 Yale is the address of San Jacinto Stone, is it not?

  • 1847 Chantilly is definitely not Lit’l Bits Saloon.

  • As a ten-year Oak Forest homeowner, it’s depressing to me that this is happening to my ghborhood. Tearing down affordable, livable homes and turning them into bloated, overpriced behemoths that look just like the suburbs.

    I’ve been priced out of Montrose, priced out of the “cheaper side of the Museum district”, priced out of the Heights, and feel like I’m being pushed out of Oak Forest.

    I used to wonder “How many kids do these people have to fill up these monster houses? Haven’t they heard of birth control?” Now I think it’s mainly a place to show off expensive stuff in an expensive setting: the museuming of the American home.

    Or maybe the era of the three bedroom house is over. If you don’t have at least one toilet per occupant, and preferably more, you haven’t arrived.


  • mikeflan, still plenty of cheap real estate east of 45 and 288.

  • Mike, I’ll bet the fake stuccoed and stoned, stapled and glued cookie cutter McMansions will have none of the durability of the mid-century builds.