Daily Demolition Report: La Quinta, Downtown

1515 Rusk St., Downtown Houston

Swamplot’s Daily Demolition Report lists buildings that received City of Houston demolition permits the previous weekday.

Wake up on the demolished side.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 1515 Rusk St.: LoopNet

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  • That building on Rusk used to be a La Quinta?

  • I wondered that too, Drew.

    Perhaps La Quinta bought the property for a new hotel.

  • Ugh. Almost 50% of today’s residential properties are in Oak Forest.

  • 1515 Rusk was never a La Quinta, nor is it planned to be one. Swamplot continues to report incorrect information.

  • KateyK,

    Please tell us about it. What will it be?

  • I’ve been following Swamplot for quite a long time, pre-recession to be exact. This is my first time to ever comment and I feel the need to since this good blog hasn’t been reporting very accurate information recently. First off, it is widely known that a Hampton Inn/Hyatt is going in on this Rusk property… there’s no La Quinta. The other bit that I still don’t understand why it hasn’t been corrected is that it is also widely known that the old Central Bank Building is undergoing renovations for residential and/or commercial use… a fence was not simply put up to keep people out but to protect people while they remove the tiles off of portions of the outside walls.

  • A 14-Story Hampton Inn/Homewood Suites for one half of the block and a 11-Story Hyatt Place for the other half.

  • Perhaps one of you could check the online sold permits with the City of Houston. I used to be able to access their permits site but am no longer able to.

    The name of the person/business who purchased the demolition permit will be on the permit.