Daily Demolition Report: Larsten Space

Yes, the Young & Restless. And so much more. This is quite a summer demo run we’re having. Will we make it to the finish?


Commercial and Community Structures


Photo of 2515 Ella Blvd.: HAR

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  • Glad to see that building on Yale come down. It is an eyesore twice a day when I pass it.

  • I wonder what will go on that expanse of property that the Sons of Herman and the furniture refinishing shack were on…. maybe more condos that won’t sell that sit right on the railroad easement.

  • There was a glorified strip mall planned, but it’s on ice last heard.

  • No more Young & Restless??? Have they become old and restive?

    And what about the baby resale shop in the metal warehouse next door? Where will they display their merch when the inevitable CVS takes over the corner?

  • The Heights needs more shopping and restaurants! No more condos please.

  • I think Young and Restless has taken over the warehouse space just a bit further South on Ella (same block). At least the blue metal warehouse there has a ton of baby stuff outside on the weekends. It’s a regular sight on the way to and from Lowes.

  • The Young & Restless children’s consignment shop moved from the red wooden house to the blue metal warehouse, a year or two ago.

    A CVS won’t go in there because there is no Walgreen’s across the street. Must have a Walgreen’s in place in order to plant a CVS.

  • Wow! Back in the early 70’s it used to be a barber shop run by Pete. Pete moved back to Mexico to operate a bakery; however, after a few years move back to Houston to cut hair at a location off of I-45.